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March 17, 2022




Communication is the key factor in any business but as an overwhelmed entrepreneur, you are inundated with your email and the timing of when to respond.  You know you need to respond, but that email gets pushed aside.  Today I want to share with you (5) tips you can effectively respond to and keep that communication flow evolving.

Tip #1 - Prepare a "Canned" Response

If you are unable to respond to your client right away or need additional time to prepare a response, a "canned" response is the BEST way for your client to know that you have acknowledged receipt of their email and are working diligently on a response.  It is very easy to set up a canned response responder within your email provider.  This would be found under settings.  Don't forget to turn this feature off!

Tip #2 - Set The Timer on Your Phone

I can't stress enough how important this is!   This is what I refer to as the ER "Etiquette Rules" - Set your timer for a minimum of 90 minutes for a proper response and no longer than 180 minutes.

Tip #3 - Respond Back Accordingly

After your timer goes off, prepare a responsive email back to your client - don't delay your response!   There is often a deadline on your client's end and your timely response will also key in to your client that you are on top of your communication with them!

Tip #4 - Update Your Task List

If you responded accordingly to your client's inquiry and there are additional tasks for you to follow-up on, it's important to update your task list.  Typically within your email, there is a "Task List" section.

Tip #5 - Check Your Spam or Junk Folder

No matter how many times you may have white-listed a client's email address, for whatever reason, it still goes into the spam or junk folder.   Make it a habit to check your spam / junk folder a minimum of 3 times per day.


I am curious to know, how do you handle your email responses and do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of even glancing at your inbox?  Email me and let me know:  Janis.trulyyourvallc@gmail.com

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