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Jan. 27, 2022

What is all of this hype about audio social media?

What is all of this hype about audio social media?

Clubhouse was the pioneer of audio social media.  When you first joined, you needed an actual invitation to join.  I honestly had no idea what I was doing when a friend asked me if I would like an invitation to join Clubhouse.  I said “sure”, joined in December of 2020 and did not become involved with Clubhouse until July of 2021.

During July of 2021, I was the Virtual Assistant on an anthology book project as well as one of the co-author’s so I knew I had to be in attendance.  I was pleasantly surprised at the genuine connections made that day.  Just think about it:  a way to connect with genuine people who want to connect with you who live literally around the world in an audio social media format.  You could be sitting in your jammies while hosting a club or being a speaker in one of the Clubhouses (not that I would ever do that; umm, well of course I have, who am I kidding??!!)

Recently emerging, is another audio social media app called Wisdom.  Same type of premise as Clubhouse - now Clubhouse had it’s competition!  While both of these apps are very similar, at first Clubhouse did not have the “replays” options while Wisdom had.  Clubhouse has since updated their platform and you have the option within Clubhouse when you are setting up a “room” for your Clubhouse speaking engagement, you can turn on the replays.  A great way to listen to live broadcasts, just later.

When you set up your profile on Wisdom, it automatically has the recordings right below so again, very similar to Clubhouse.

Through both audio social media apps, I’ve made some amazing connections and you can too!  For more information on which one or if both may be right for you, please schedule your free 30-minute consultation - you’ll be glad that you did!!