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June 23, 2022

Why use Pinterest for Your Business - By: Sarah Ankney

Why use Pinterest for Your Business - By:  Sarah Ankney

The number one question I get asked when I post about Pinterest for Business, especially podcasting, is why should I add Pinterest to my marketing lineup? It is another platform where you can spread your magical message to a different audience. I could go on and on about marketing but here is the simplicity of it….


It is an untapped market that people are not using enough. Why not get in on it early? It is a combination of a search engine and social media, so you get the benefits of being ranked on google as well as pins that last 6 months not 5 minutes. Crazy Right?!! It also features clickable images and now even Idea Pins which are like stories. Pinterest is growing into a social media platform daily.

Plus, Pinterest is the number 2 search engine, so why not use it?

Look I get it, you are busy as most of us business owners are, but you must get seen by others. Why not get seen in an untapped market?

When I first started my business, I was one of those people that searched everything on there from email marketing to websites. In fact, I have used most of the information to help me in my business.

I get it. You are like, but I can’t handle anymore social media platforms. It is ok. Hire someone to do it for you. Take things off your plate so you can do what you do best while still getting your message out there. I recommend this for all of social media.

Who is Pinterest for?

Anyone who has content to put up. I do not recommend local businesses unless they have other content besides products and the same for direct sales consultants and multilevel marketing consultants. This can be used by those businesses, but it will be much harder than coaches, bloggers, and the like. With the new shopping feature, this will definitely increase exposure.

Here is just a list of the few types of business owners that Pinterest would be good for….
And so much more….

With over 200 billion users worldwide and 80% of them have boughten something from Pinterest, you cannot afford to miss out on what Pinterest has to offer. And it is offering more ways for you to market your business every day.

Total insanity, right?!?!

I hear you going well I don’t have time to learn and add another platform. That is ok. Take your time building and once you do maintain can be easy depending on your needs or hire someone like me to do it for you!

This platform has helped me grow my business in so many ways:
Blog Traffic
Email Subscribers
Group Members
Webinar Signups
And that is just a few of the benefits

So, you may be asking yourself what do I post on Pinterest?

Pinterest is all about content and more content.

This is just a few of the things you can post to Pinterest:
YouTube videos
Physical Products
Digital Products
And the list is endless

Pinterest is an amazing resource to grow your business in ways you have yet to think of….

So, with all this information are you thinking about using Pinterest to grow your business?

Have questions or want more information? Email me at sassy@sarahankney.com