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Dec. 31, 2021

Digital "Trendz" in the Upcoming New Year - 12.31.21


Today I am sharing my Clubhouse chat on the surprises and challenges many of us may want to embark on in the Upcoming New Year - Digital "Trendz".  We all know that audio social media is taking the world by storm!  First and foremost, I enjoy making the connections with new friends and sharing and adding value to those I am able to meet and engage with through social media.  I shared some basic information on what apps work best and why and where it's good to use what is available to you for free.  Spend your money toward the budget you have for your business on those "things" that are totally worth the expenditure!  For further information and to schedule your free 30-minute initial consultation, please click my digital business card below (wow, a digital business card - I absolutely love this!):


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