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June 7, 2022

Let's get your sloppy copy to savvy content that sells - Aubrey McShan - 06.07.22

Let's get your sloppy copy to savvy content that sells - Aubrey McShan - 06.07.22

TruyYourVA with Janis welcomed to today’s podcast, Aubrey McShan.  (After a tech issue with Zoom, we could not go live on the TrulyYourVA Facebook page.)

Aubrey is an intentional introvert!  She is a blogger at The Copy Sloth and Email & Blog Copywriter on a mission to help other intentional introverts market and grow their businesses.

Her business, like many others, started in the midst and height of the pandemic in 2020.  After losing her job, she started her on-line entrepreneurship.  She freely states that she made many mistakes along the way but with those mistakes made, she has been able to coach others to do the same.

Aubrey shared her recommendations and insights with different social media platforms.  You will typically find Aubrey on Twitter and Pinterest.  She also shared with us how Instagram is changing from a “picture” type of posting platform to more of a video, reels platform.

Aubrey suggested that whatever niche you want to be in, find people who also do the similar type of things that you want to do.  Break it down and write out, what do you like about how this person presents their business.  What can you do differently to use your “voice” and “branding”?

We also chatted in-depth about branding and what that means to your business.  Aubrey stressed that “branding” may come with time and will change from time-to-time.  She urged to get your business up and running and not to spend absorbent amounts of money on websites or different software that may delay you in starting your business.  (Most software applications you can potentially use have a “free version”)

Aubrey also shared some valuable information on editing vs copywriting and why each is an integrable part of writing in your business.  In Aubrey’s words:  “Let's get your sloppy copy to savvy content that sells.”

I can’t thank Aubrey enough for being on today’s podcast - I can’t wait to have her back on as my guest!

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