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April 21, 2022

QSciences - What's Your Side Gig?

QSciences - What's Your Side Gig?

Being a Virtual / Executive Assistant, Podcast Host (for (3) podcasts), and a few other hats that I wear, QSciences kind of found me!  Listen in as I chat about why I decided to sign-on with QSciences, even before trying the product - yes; that's true!  I aligned myself with a company that is so much more than just a company - they share my values as well - this company focuses on the (5) "F"s (also, 5 is my favorite number!):  Faith, Family, Fitness, Fun, and Friends.  (This conversation took place today on Clubhouse.  Thank you to my upline, Jill Deines who shared the stage with me - you are amazing my friend!!!!!)

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