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Aug. 8, 2022

The "SMOOZITIVE" Side of Mindset with Gal and Maayan - 08.08.22


TrulyYourVA with Janis was excited to welcome to today’s podcast, Gal Sela Szmelcman and Maayan Szmelcman Yerushalmy.  Gal and Maayan are not only sisters but the founders of Smoozitive - a company devoted to supporting & guiding women living towards a positive life no matter where they are.

What does mindset have to do with it?  For each sister, a lot!!  They have helped countless women see the good in their lives, make small changes and feel better about themselves and their choices throughout the years.

Gal and Maayan did not hold anything back - their mission is to impact and succeed and they share their life experiences in such a way that reflects their journeys and thoughts of what they were going through all in the hopes of encouraging others to take actions in their own lives.

Mindset is not a given; it is something that each sister works on each and every day.  Yes; Gal and Maayan are experts in positive mindset training and lifting people up.  There is a higher impact purpose as everything they do is based on a blend of their own life experiences (each sister has relocated over 7 times, and lived in many more cities) (as well as their substantial Yoga and mindfulness skills (Maayan) and Master's degree in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology (Gal).

So when they say they know what those women are going through, they really do!  They hold those beliefs close to their hearts and though life may strike them down from time to time, they focus on the good with the purest of intentions of supporting, empowering and guiding others!

I’d say that’s totally Smoozitive!

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Today was such an amazing conversation! Gal and Maayan enjoy helping their clients with their mindset!  I can’t thank them enough for being my guest today and can’t wait to have them back on my podcast!

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