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Facebook / Instagram Ads Expert and the Ultimate Digital Marketing Expert - Ana Katz - 08.29.22

TrulyYourVA with Janis welcomed to today’s podcast this Monday, August 29, 2022, Ana Katz. Ana is a Facebook and Instagram ads strategist and coach. She has owned her digital marketing agency for over 3 years and has almost a decade of experience in the Digital Marketing world.

Once in the corporate world, she focused on business administration and marketing. She began to fall in love with the analytics of SEO and how those analytics were instrumental for businesses to impact and grow their on-line presence and revenue.

Ana is no stranger to entrepreneurship as her family are all entrepreneurs by their own right. Ana learned to overcome the fear of putting herself out there (with English being her second language.) This did not stop her and eventually led her to becoming her own boss and creating her digital marketing agency. Ana is an expert in her field and when she gave her notice, her bosses, although sad to see her leave, ended up giving Ana’s new digital agency their digital marketing account!

Ana is all about scaling and making a bigger impact and the results of the success of her business certainly confirm that! She works with online coaches, course creators, and e-commerce businesses that have an eye on the future and are ready to make that bigger impact.

Ana’s focus is on coaching her clients bigger results, major traffic, more sales, and customers who can’t stop talking about their brand. She absolutely loves what she does for a living but more importantly, is a Mama of two children and is able to be present for her children.

Ana loves that her business is pretty unique and she loves sharing to empower other women. While she is definitely the go-to person for Facebook and Instagram Ads and digital marketing, she also is an expert at email and funnel systems. One of the main things that Ana shared was not to just place a Facebook Ad but to really do the work of the ad behind the scene which encompasses what is the main goal / strategy behind your Ad. She shared such VALUABLE information but if you are struggling with your Facebook / Instagram Ads, you need to contact her right away!

To connect with Ana further, please check out her website, and other various social media platforms (her favorite platform is Instagram!):




I can’t thank Ana enough for being my guest today and can’t wait to have her back on!

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