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Nail That Niche with Marlita Hill - 09.06.22

Truly Your VA with Janis welcomed to today’s podcast, Tuesday, September 6, 2022, Marlita Hill. Marlita is a multi-published author and 20+ year educator who creates, teaches, writes, mentors, podcasts, and speaks in and across the areas of faith, art, and entrepreneurship.
Focused on helping other entrepreneurs build a business transforming lives with their ideas, her primary goal is to help creators establish their work's identity (defining who they are as creators, what their work is, what it’s about, who it’s for, and where it fits) so that they have the clarity they need to make the best decisions in building, managing, and sharing their work their way.

Her journey to where she is today is really a story within itself. She fell in love with the dance ministry. It was a way for her to get to know herself on a more faith based path. She sensed at some point that she had to tune into her inner voice and decided to pursue her degree to which she equates to later in her life (late twenties). She absolutely fell in love with the “arts” which led her to teaching.
The road to entrepreneurship was a bumpy road but nonetheless, she pursued her dreams. In some respects, on this bumpy road she got to know herself while learning along the way. She realized she was and has always been an educator at heart and of course, she has certainly nailed that niche!!

The course she has taken may have not been one she planned, however when she looks back at her journey, she is grateful for all of the opportunities and lessons learned along the way.

“What is it that your building? Your ‘why’ determines your ‘how’.”

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I can’t thank Marlita enough for her amazing entrepreneurship insight and the value of information she provided. Although we digressed just a little bit, (mostly it was me who asked if it was legal now to consume pumpkin coffee??!!), she speaks in all areas based on faith, art and entrepreneurship and her love of teaching shines as bright as the smile on her beautiful face!
Let me know what you thought of today’s podcast - Are you a faith based entrepreneur? What lessons have you learned along the way? What is your “why”? Please go to my website (click the link below) and leave me a voice message.
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