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Not Your Stereotypical Spiritual Business Coach - "Truly" with Ambila Nath - 12.06.22

TrulyYourVA with Janis welcomed to today’s podcast this Tuesday, December 6, 2022, Ambila Nath. Ambila is known by her clients as ‘The Girl Next Door of Spirituality’. She is a serial entrepreneur, certified coach, spiritual teacher, international speaker and an avid follower of her passions. (This Ambila’s 3rd Appearance. Her 2nd appearance was on August 25, 2022. Her first appearance was on June 23, 2022. Click the links below to listen to those podcasts.)

Ambila is far from what you may consider a stereotypical spiritual coach. She encompasses her prior management consulting to building her spiritual business.

Like many entrepreneurs, Ambila has a daily routine; (it’s important to note that a daily routine is obviously different for everyone.) For Ambila, that includes self-care and personal development. She likes to listen to something positive. As she put it, it’s all about “feeding your spirit”.

“Feeding your spirit” is also about working around your energy. Time management is crucial not only in your personal life but in your business life as well. Personal growth strategies also help us to go from a hobby mindset to a business mindset.

Ambila works 1:1 with her clients and will also be offering group coaching as well. To connect with Ambila further, her preferable means of connection is her Instagram account but please feel free to check out her website, and other various social media platforms (her favorite platform is Instagram!):





Ambila’s 1st podcast appearance - June 23, 2022:

Ambila’s 2nd podcast appearance - August 25, 2022:


I can’t thank Ambila enough for being my guest today and yes; she will be on my podcast again in 2023!!

Let me know what you thought of today’s podcast. What does your daily routine entail? Do you have a hobby mindset or a business mindset? Please go to my website (click the link below) and leave me a voice message.

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