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"Sassy" Pinterest with Sarah Ankney Regina - 01.28.23

TrulyYourVA with Janis welcomed back for her 3rd appearance on this Saturday, January 28, 2023, Sarah Ankney Regina. Sarah is a specialized Pinterest and Social Media Manager. She has been working in this field for over 3 years after discovering the benefits of utilizing Pinterest marketing her business. With her strategy, her clients have seen their businesses grow! Her first podcast episode was recorded on June 12, 2022; her 2nd appearance was recorded on January 12, 2023 (links to her podcasts are below.)

Today’s podcast was a learning experience for me in reference to my own Pinterest account. We started with the opening page and how to maximize its benefits. Sarah explained that potential clients need to know how, when and where to reach me. (Ironically enough, I am in the process of changing that opening graphic and how did it not occur to me that I should have my contact info front and center!!)

We chatted about the Pinterest boards in great detail and how to complement them to our page’s advantage. For instance, when I “pin” the “New Podcast Episode” on the date it was recorded, I should follow it up a month later with perhaps a blog post, using a different pin, different description, different colors, etc.

Since I manage, market and host (3) podcasts simultaneously (of course (1) in which I co-host with my sister, Carroll-Sue on the TwoSistas Podcast), those should each have their own respective board which they do! Each board should have a “cover” to it (my boards do not; as of yet that is!)

Sarah reiterated that every pin and every idea pin should have a goal and a call-to-action. My call-to-action will be to revamp my Pinterest page! Sarah will be back in the next few months to check up on my progress - gotta go now and work on my Pinterest!

Sarah gave such crucial advice and direction on “how to”. She has a Facebook Group and you are invited to join where she performs monthly training and shares her expertise and advice on all things Pinterest. Click the below link to join her Facebook group:


To connect with Sarah further, please check out her website, Pinterest link and other various social media platforms:





I can’t thank Sarah enough for being my guest today and enjoyed our post-podcast chat! As mentioned above, the following are the links from Sarah’s prior podcasts:



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