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Truly . . . In This Moment . . . with Brook and Bekah - 09.14.22

Truly Your VA with Janis welcomed to today’s podcast, Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Brook Seume and Rebekah Hasperson (Brook and Bekah). Brook and Bekah are both licensed therapists and owners of In This Moment Box.

Brook is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a graduate of Edgewood college. Bekah is a licensed clinical social worker and a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison. Both have specialized in working with high-risk individuals in a forensic setting, where they began to implement mindfulness into their practice and their own lives.

After seeing the benefits of mindfulness professionally and personally, both felt the need to be proactive in helping children learn these skills as early in their life as possible. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for mental health resources was more important than ever.

In This Moment Box is a subscription business that helps families implement their own mindfulness practice! Each box is designed and carefully crafted to promote connection within families and help them experience the benefits of staying in the present moment. Every month focuses on a different mindfulness theme and includes all of the items for the child to complete a craft, a household item for the parents, as well as prompts, resources and tips.

Brook and Bekah also shared their trials and tribulations with starting an on-line business and the adversity they faced. From hiring someone to handle their website to the challenges they faced; some of which, as many entrepreneurs experience, surprises (good, bad and indifferent.)

As such, they have learned to manage their own emotions and separate themselves from their business from time-to-time to allow and manage their own mindfulness. Brook and Bekah are that passionate about what they do and how they do it and it shows! They have many things in the works for their business and they don’t let the ‘naysayers’ create doubt in their minds! Doubtful intentions often lead to the fear taking over and that’s not what Brook and Bekah are all about. They each practice what they preach; truly they do!

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I can’t thank Brook and Bekah enough for their time today on this podcast. Their friendship has led them to their collaborative entrepreneurship. Their insight and the value of information they each provided - priceless!!

Let me know what you thought of today’s podcast - Are you giving yourself permission to practice mindfulness? Have you wanted to start your business and there have been too many naysayers? Please go to my website (click the link below) and leave me a voice message.

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