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"Truly" "Templatized" with the amazing Nichole Howson - 08.31.22

TrulyYourVA with Janis welcomed to today’s podcast this Wednesday, August 31, 2022, Nichole Howson. Nichole is the owner of AIM Social Media Marketing. As an experienced, award-winning social media strategist and virtual assistant, her work is focused on supporting social media managers with their day to day operations - handling administrative tasks as well as content creation, scheduling and engagement.

Nichole embarked on her journey of entrepreneurship about 8 years ago. She freely advised that her mental health at that time was not that good and therefore she took the initiative to create a business where she could work from home. And create her business she certainly did and then some!

AIM Social Media Marketing really is the epitome of all of Nichole’s hard work. Make no mistake, she has made mistakes (as have I and yes; I made an error on her social media for the podcast!) It is her passion and tenacity that she wants to impact others! Her agency employs 11 people; (2) of which are interns. She has amazing systems in place and uses Trello and Slack so that she and her team can cohesively communicate with one another and their clients . As she put it, she “templatized” her systems. She also uses To Do Ist for all of her “tasks”.

Her clients have seen amazing results and Nichole and her team are a part of that! Both Nichole and I agree that it’s not about the number of followers you have on social media but rather the connection, engagement and collaboration. After all, social media is just that - to be social!

To connect with Nichole further, please check out her website, and other various social media platforms:






I can’t thank Nichole enough for being my guest today and can’t wait to have her back on!

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