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"Truly" Your Dream Career with Rebecca Beaton - 04.14.23

Truly Your VA with Janis welcomed to today’s podcast, Friday, April 14, 2023, Rebecca Beaton. Rebecca is a Career Coach with 8+ years of experience helping people who are dissatisfied with their job to get clear and build their dream career.

One may think of a dream career as a whole lot of fluff, but it really depends on exactly what you are looking for. There will be challenges and to get to your happy ending, you have to put the work into it. What are some of the challenges you may face? Are you working full-time while trying to create your own dream job? (“Truly”, there are more questions than answers - that is part of the process!!) A dream is but a dream - it takes the reality aspect of coming up with ideas and working within your time limits and the boundaries you create for yourself to achieve them.

What also comes into play are our perceived failures and the confidence and strength to be totally honest with ourselves. Fear will also attempt to creep in (which it has from time-to-time crept into the building of TrulyYourVA - true story!)

Rebecca is a heart-centered entrepreneur who loves what she does and it shows! She herself struggled for years to figure out what it was she truly wanted to do. This is why she now loves helping others to figure out what THEY want to do, and has helped 1000s of clients along the way. Rebecca offers a free 3-day email mini-course called, Clear the Way to Your Dream Career on her website. She also lives and works nomadically, which was a dream for many years.

If your desire is to create your dream career, look no further! To connect with Rebecca, please check out her website and various social media platforms:




I can’t thank Rebecca enough for her amazing entrepreneurship insight and the value of information she provided.

Let me know what you thought of today’s podcast - Are you in the market to create your dream career or switch careers? What would that mean for you? Please go to my website (click the link below) and leave me a voice message.

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