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TrulyYourVA with Janis - Podcast w/Ambila Nath 'The Girl Next Door of Spirituality' - 08.25.22

TrulyYourVA with Janis welcomed to today’s podcast this Thursday, August 25, 2022 (not October 25th - you just have to listen in), Ambila Nath. Ambila is known by her clients as ‘The Girl Next Door of Spirituality’. She is a serial entrepreneur, certified coach, spiritual teacher, international speaker and an avid follower of her passions. (This is her 2nd appearance on the “TYVA” podcast. Her first appearance was on June 23, 2022.)

Our conversation on this podcast centered around our daily habits (often referred to as ‘routines’) and how our daily lifestyle affects our mindset and vice versa.

Energy affects our mindset in some ways we did not anticipate. For instance, if you are just starting to implement positive changes in your daily life, look at your long term goal realistically and start backwards. For instance, if you want to drop a few pounds, start today with ‘I am going to supply my body with good nutrition today and start to drink more water.’

We typically buy into different ideas on how we think we should be and we start out with good intentions but we don’t pay attention to our body clocks and how that affects our energy. For instance, if we want to start to exercise, what time works out best for us? For many people, exercising in the morning is what they love to do and works best for them. That may not work for you.

While we always put things on the table, we should also be in a position to take them off the table when they no longer serve us. “Declutter your mind” may mean that you now say “No” to a person or events that trigger such an emotion or behavior. Also “No” is a complete sentence and does not need any type of explanation. (Give yourself the grace to acknowledge that “NO” is really okay to say and mean!)

Start to do the little things that add up to creating a routine; map it out if you must; plan for the goals you want to attain and know that life happens, we shift, we pivot and we do what we need to do!

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I can’t thank Ambila enough for being my guest today and can’t wait to have her back on! (Her next scheduled appearance is on Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at 10am EST / 2pm BST.)

Let me know what you thought of today’s podcast - are you making life more complicated? Have you begun to declutter your mind? Please go to my website (click the link below) and leave me a voice message.

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