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TrulyYourVA with Janis - Podcast with Deasha Waddup of Social Treats - 08.22.22

TrulyYourVA with Janis welcomed to today’s podcast, Deasha Waddup. Deasha is the Owner / CEO of Social Treats and has worked in marketing for over 9 years with extensive experience working internationally in corporate environments and in digital marketing agencies before founding Social Treats.

Deasha is accredited by Facebook as a Lead Trainer and now trains small businesses with online events as part of the #shemeansbusiness Facebook Initiative in partnership with Enterprise Nation.

Deasha has helped businesses scale to multiple 6 and 7 figures since launching Social Treats in 2016. Using organic social media strategies, she has perfected a system that she now teaches through her coaching programs.

She has worked with clients to build webinar funnels, membership funnels and even sell high ticket offers with absolutely no “funnels” all utilizing organic strategies in particular Facebook Groups. She drives leads for high ticket items in industries spanning from wellness to coaching and lots in between.

Deasha went through her organic process of engaging in Facebook groups (the same process she coaches her clients with): engage (and provide value) in (10) groups per week for a minimum of 45 minutes each day with her “TASTE” method:

“T” - Teach
“A” - Awareness
“S” - Sales Objections
“T” - Trigger (engagement that actually pisses people off!)
“E” - Entertainment

Deasha enjoys working remotely from any location in the world and believes everyone should have the same freedom and flexibility in their life. That is why she is passionate about helping other people to consciously create a life they choose. Truly she is the Social Treat!

To connect with Deasha further, check out her website, other various social media platforms:




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