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April 19, 2022

Why marketing YOUR way is that important!

Why marketing YOUR way is that important!

When you hear the word "marketing", what sorts of things come up for you?  In a world where everything is instantaneous, marketing has taken on a whole new tradition.  While I am no expert at marketing, I am an expert of what I do and how I operate and I believe there is a way why marketing YOUR way is that important!

I've heard recently in a lot of Facebook groups, that some people do not like being sent "cold" messages; some believe it is sort of spammy.  While that may be true in some instances, I don't mind receiving cold messages.  Let me put it this way:  if I didn't message the clients that I have right now I may not have any clients.

Would love to hear your thoughts, tips and strategies that have worked for you; also, what has not worked?  (Today's conversation occurred live on the "Wisdom" app.)

In today's episode, I also chatted about a very special offer on my PowerHour which is actually 1.5 hour working jam session - would you like to know more?  Please email me at:  Janis@creativeprojectways.com.

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